We’re Moving!

You guys I have been working hard! I am super excited to tell you all that things are coming together! Thank you so much for coming along with me on my fitness journey! I appreciate you all so much and want you know that your kind emails and comments kept me going! I can’t wait … More We’re Moving!

Comfort Zone

I am slowly creeping out of my comfort zone. I am always challenging myself but it’s time to step out and do things that make me uncomfortable. I have my last 15 lbs that refuse to go away. It’s so crazy I remember when I had my last 90 lbs to lose. Crazyyy…so what’s 15 … More Comfort Zone

Mental Health

I know that I said that I was going to write about soy but I will save that for next time. Writing about soy seems silly with what’s on my mind. Yesterday I had a talk with a special someone who opened up to me about having an eating disorder. I was talking about how … More Mental Health

I Almost Fainted

I almost fainted. Ok, I’m being dramatic but I was super weak from fasting. Let’s take it back. I was talking to a new trainer friend of mine and he told me about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is when you fast for most of the day and only eat between certain times of the day. … More I Almost Fainted

Me Time

I’m at the pull-your-hair-out stage of my life. According to my elders and the autobiographies of my favorite people this stage is perfectly normal. My days are packed with things to do and things to pay for. It’s really time to show what I’m made of but I have to remember that I’m not made … More Me Time

Oh Honey!

I was talking to a fellow trainer about my love for coffee. I use things like B12 to boost my energy but I have to have my cup of Joe too. B12 works don’t get me wrong but I enjoy coffee. You want to keep the little things that you enjoy..right? I mean, it’s not … More Oh Honey!