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I am so excited! I had a fitness blog as an assignment in college that I didn’t take seriously. I was surprised that people visited the blog and were active on it. I was surprised that I got an A. Haha. I’d only wrote about my day-to-day feelings while living the lifestyle not realizing that people found me relatable and were interested in what I had to say. I am often asked “How did you lose weight?” Depending on your energy I replied with the dry “I worked out and changed my eating habits.” or I went in detail about how it really is a lifestyle change and a journey. Energy..positive energy is important. Omg…I have so much to tell you! I have to introduce you to my awesome fitness mentor. I have to tell you about yoga. I have to get you to help me find a low-fat cocktail that isn’t disgusting. Haha. Seriously though.

I am Tonnisha Deonn and I want to let you into my head. It’s majority mental. Even when you’re being physical in the gym it’s your thoughts that keep you going. Are you thinking “Omg I’m so tired..I had a long day at work..I can’t do this” or “I’m not leaving the gym until I finish my workout so I better hurry up” I really have so much to tell you! I am so excited to have this blog and to answer the get you to realize that no fairy dust was surgery. And that was no shade .Haha. I am not mad at anyone who has had surgery to lose weight. I can relate to you because we both have to maintain our weight-loss. I prefer that you eat healthy and exercise to lose weight. Save that money for a new wardrobe..Omg that you are definitely going to need because..please don’t get me started about how every time I reach for something in my closet it doesn’t fit! I will have an entire outfit picked out in my head to find out that my little black dress looks like a robe on me now. sigh..the struggle. Haha..but a struggle that I don’t complain too much about because I work for it. Work for that waist! Well darling..this cup of green tea is calling my name and plus I feel if I say more that I’ll say it all.

But before I go..I want to remind you that it is Lupus Awareness Month! I have Lupus and I will definitely have a post about how I live a healthy lifestyle with Lupus. I was diagnosed with Lupus about two years ago. I was probably down to a size 18 from a size 24/26 at the time. Thank God I’d already changed my eating habits and was exercising because it would have made it harder and my health would have probably been in  worse condition. Lupus helps keep me in line and disciplined. I’m one of those people who takes stuff seriously. I’ve already googled what I think I have before I walk into the doctor’s office. Feeling faint for no reason. Haha. I just don’t get how people don’t take stuff seriously diabetes, high blood pressure, high I go..and I’m suppose to be leaving. Check out Lupus.Org for more information!


5 thoughts on “The Lifestyle

  1. This has blessed me today !! And I know it will bless others as well!! God is good! Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations on your lifestyle change and continuous healing! I Look forward to your many posts!!


    1. Yesssss🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
      With the lupus awareness u the shyt I swear 🙌🏾🤗💜
      This is exactly what I need ‼️
      True enough I ain’t giving up and following u and seeing ur accomplishments and to see u consistently push towards ur goals,only motivate me to keep going ‼️


  2. Yesssss🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
    With the lupus awareness u the ish I swear 🙌🏾🤗
    This exactly what I needed‼️
    True enough I ain’t giving up and following u and seeing ur accomplishments and see u pushing towards ur goals only motivate me to keep going ‼️


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