Girl Bye!

Before I start..omg you guys thank you thank you thank you! The love and support feels amazing. I have enjoyed meeting new people and creating fun things to share with you on TonnishaDeonnFitness.Com. I definitely feel like I’m moving in the right direction and I appreciate you all for cheering me on along the way. It is time for me to pay it forward. I will start with asking you to stop lying to me and yourself..mostly me because I’m like why lie to me about’s your me the truth will set you free and denial won’t get you anywhere. How do you know if you are in denial? I’m glad you asked!

Girl Bye! was inspired by people who I love dearly but have to side eye when they want to discuss fitness. “I barely eat and when I do eat it’s healthy.” “I exercise regularly and eat a low carb and high protein diet..I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.”’re lying. There are diseases that make you gain weight..go see a doctor if this is really happening to you. This isn’t the case for the people in my life. I have personally witnessed them eat fast food for lunch and have a weight loss goal speech prepared by dinner time. If this sounds like your behavior you have to knock it off. You aren’t doing anything but hurting yourself and holding yourself back. I will help you move forward.

The first thing that you should do is create a food journal. (I usually don’t promote food journals because one time I went all coocoo for CoCo Puffs and became a little to anal..I’ll spill more about that a little later.) The food journal will help you keep track and to be real with yourself. It is not the end of the world if you have to write down that you had a slice of pizza. Please don’t stop your journey over a slice of pizza..write it down..move the gym Haha. I also suggest that you get a certified personal myself. Your personal trainer will help guide you through your fitness journey. You can do it alone but why do it alone when you don’t have to?

You ask me what did I do to lose weight. The first thing I did was get my mind right. I said goodbye to denial. I said goodbye to excuses. I said goodbye to any and everything that was holding me back. People fail to realize that their way of thinking holds them back. You are so focused on a hater when you do more damage to you than them. Wake up people!..wake up!..and go workout Haha.




2 thoughts on “Girl Bye!

  1. Love love love this post!!! So true!! excuses will definitely hold us back!! I love this post because it applies to everything thing in life! And I absolutely love the idea of the food journal!! Can’t wait for the next post!!


  2. thank you for this article..i am that girl that makes all the excuses in the world. i have decided to say GIrl Bye to all of them. I am holding me back.. Thank you Tonnisha


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