Rated R

I didn’t want to talk about this. Forget them.

I have to talk about this to encourage you. So let’s go..let’s talk about Resentment. What’s wrong with people who are bitter about you upgrading your life? It’s so silly. If anything become motivated by the people accomplishing their goals. I promise I don’t understand it.

The reason why I decided to lose weight was because I went to the doctor and found out that I was 350 lbs. The number horrified me more than the chance of me getting diabetes or high blood pressure like everyone in my family. I decided that day in my doctor’s office that I was going to make a change. I can’t lie..I have some amazing people in my life that have sincerely been there cheering me on along the way. I have one friend that would eat healthy around me and we would have challenges like how many grapes can you stuff in your mouth. I know it seems so corny and childish HaHa but the support meant everything. He knew I thought my new healthy choices were boring so why not eat them with me and make it fun for me. Aww shout out to you man. You know who you are.  I had friends that acted like I won a Grammy every time I lost 5 lbs..still do.. giving me hugs..love..building me up. I love you guys forever.

The people that this post is about though..them..side eye..they are a different story. The reason why I think it is important for me to write this post is because I want you to keep going. It is so hurtful when your best friends and/or family members start to treat you differently. The girl that you’ve known since elementary school is now sizing you up as competition..umm hello no..we’re friends remember? The family member that you notice is being nice nasty to you now (nice nasty is just another way of saying fake with a smile).. It’s like whoa whoa..what’s wrong?  I actually did ask some people what’s wrong because I honestly cared for them but was told nothing. I couldn’t do anything about it. I thought it was so petty and I felt naïve for thinking that they were real. People like to act like things don’t bother them. I will tell you that it did for me at first but trust it didn’t bother me enough to stop going. I was watching My 600 lbs Life and a woman’s husband was treating her poorly because he was jealous that she lost weight. He was so mean and rude to her as she was trying to accomplish her goals. Are you serious? The lady had been stuck in her bed for years and her husband was mad at her because she was able to live happily..the happily part is what turned him envious. The husband was totally fine with her just being alive, stuck, not living her life to the fullest..close to death.  What kind of person is that?..a person that you don’t need to be around. You are strong. Keep going. You can do it!..alone if necessary. Don’t allow these people to make you feel any way other than motivated. I don’t care if it’s your husband, wife, best friend, dog or cat..Don’t take anyone’s mess!

To you..resentful one. Get it together. I’m going to leave a little Amy Morin with you because I can’t..I’m so over your behavior right now. “When you resent someone, you won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship with him or her. Resentment leads to indirect communication, sarcasm, and irritability that is often hidden under a fake smile. You won’t be able to have an authentic and genuine relationship with someone when you’re holding secret grudges.”..basically stop it or exit. No one has time for your negative energy. Before you know it no one will want to be around you. Has it happened already?


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