TDF Digest: American Fit Expo 2016

First of all how cool is it that Tonnisha Deonn Fitness got to cover the American Fit Expo?! I was so excited! I’m not going to lie I thought it was going to be a room full of perfection. My assumption didn’t have me intimidated but I did make sure that I was extra cute. Haha. I was surprised and delighted to see a room full of diversity when I walked into the expo. I did see perfection walking around but their faces usually carried a smile. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was pumped and happy. One thing I love about the fitness community is how motivating everyone is. Speaking of motivating..I met Candice Keene!! Candice Keene is 2013/2014 Figure Int’l Champ, 11X IFBB Champ and a cover model..Google her pics and gag! I also met the awesome Kali Muscle and bodybuilder Dexter Jackson. There were cool motorcycles and cars from Mclaren Houston. There was something for everyone at the expo even the kids. Kids and adults were having a blast on the Mobile Ninja Warrior. I was having a blast with the vendors. I was chit chatting away with some of the nicest people ever. I told them all about you guys and one of them wanted to give you a gift! See..I look out for my TDF readers! I know you guys want to get straight to the gift but you have to hear about all my faves!

I met the founder of Torch Lifestyle Alfred Nwagbo and lead trainer Prince Roberts. The artwork that they had at their station is what initially caught my attention. I walked over to them and was immediately greeted and was shown love. The coaches at Torch Lifestyle address every angle of fitness. They offer sports training, self-defense, kicking boxing and much more. I thought it was very interesting and refreshing to know that they teach stress management to their clients. Isn’t that awesome? I was just talking about stress management on my last post! yall know I need to be in there Haha..join me? “One Spark Will Light a Fire”

Nurture Gourmet Meals are made fresh and locally in Houston, Texas. They cover the entire city of Houston and 25 miles beyond. Nurture Gourmet Meals are chef created  meals, never frozen and are pre measured. Sounds so good right? Wouldn’t you like to try them? Well you can!! Nurture Gourmet Meals would like to offer my TDF readers a $20 gift card! (I feel like Oprah)

NurtureMeals.Com   Enter Code: giftcard

I was on cloud nine after meeting Torch Lifestyle and Nurture Gourmet Meals. I swear I even heard the angels singing when I looked to my right and saw a station full of snacks. Healthy snacks! I met a cool guy named Jason who turned out to be the owner of Pumpd Nutrition. Pumpd Nutrition is Texas-based and has 16 locations. I think Jason is awesome for donating to the Susan G. Komen Jason said “supplements with a cause.” After telling me about Pumpd’s grand opening for their Woodlands, Tx location Jason introduced me to the people at Icon Meals. Jason wasn’t crazy..he saw I had my eyes on the snacks Haha. Pumpd Nutrition and Icon Meals partnered together and I’m so glad that they did because I got to meet two great companies at once. Icon meals offers crazy good food..I’m talking protein pancakes, protein pizza, southwest turkey tacos..and seriously like a million other things! Icon Meals has 6 menus that rotate weekly for maximum variety. I really couldn’t hear much of what they were saying about their food because the protein popcorn was calling my name..loudly Haha. OMG is all that I can say.. Go to and go buy you and I (like how I slid myself in) the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Popcorn and the Peanut Butter Vanilla Power Popcorn. Remember to portion control!!

I seriously had the best time at the American Fit Expo. The expo was everything that I thought it would be and much more. I encourage you all to attend the next American Fit Expo with me! Maybe Tonnisha Deonn Fitness will have a station (wink wink)

Thank you American Fit Expo for having me!





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