ZEN It To Win It!

One of the reasons why I enjoy blogging is because I get to be myself. I like the fact that you all are so open minded and fun. I can always count on your feedback. Your positivity encourages me to continue to be honest and transparent. I have something to admit to you guys. I’m not perfect. Yes yes. It’s true. I struggle with meditation and yoga. I have read books about it and they all say that it takes time to become a pro but I think I’m kind of bad at it. I have tried meditating a handful of times and it’s refreshing but I am not consistent with it. I do yoga on my rest days away from the gym. I honestly stick with yoga because it’s a physical challenge but I don’t feel like I am receiving all of the mental and spiritual benefits. I’ve always yearned for guidance into this peaceful world and that’s why I am so thrilled about The Yoga Expo 2016 Houston on September 10th! The Yoga Expo is an all-day yoga event with a variety of instructors, yoga classes, meditation techniques and healthy food. I will be there the entire time soaking up all of the wisdom and you should come too! We can control what we put on our dinner plates but not what’s put on our plates throughout life. Stress is no joke. We need to take care of ourselves. I encourage you to consider mediation and yoga. The Yoga Expo will allow you to discover what works for you without having to waste money searching for the perfect instructor and class on your own. Skip the struggle!

The Yoga Expo 2016 Houston team would love to have Tonnisha Deonn Fitness readers in attendance. The man with the plan Kyle Michaud gave an exclusive interview.

Tonnisha Deonn Fitness| Please take me inside The Yoga Expo. What can Tonnisha Deonn Fitness readers expect from the expo?

Kyle Michaud| The Yoga Expo offers a variety of yoga classes led by local teachers, as well as some workshops on health and wellness. The  marketplace is filled with vegan food and beverage samples, yoga apparel, essential oils, jewelry, props, mats, yoga studios and fitness centers, and much more. Each one is unique, because the foundation is local businesses and teachers. Over 120 classes and workshops are offered throughout the day on over 12 stages, UNLIMITED all-day yoga for only $35.

TDF| My readers experience with yoga may vary from simply being interested in yoga to advanced yogis. Will the expo cater to everyone?

KM| Yes! Our teachers offer many different levels and styles, including meditation, gentle flow, children’s yoga, and power vinyasa.

TDF| What are the benefits for a yoga beginner attending the expo?

KM| It is an affordable way to sample different types of yoga, or just observe classes. The schedule is incredibly diverse, offering something for everyone.

TDF| Why is yoga important for the times we’re living in?

KM| Yoga keeps us grounded. It makes us better at everything. The Asana is just a small part of yoga. Yoga allows us to pause, breathe, and then respond. It keeps us calmer, more focused, and more balanced. It gives us a chance to settle the mind, despite the chaos in our everyday lives.

TDF| How has meditation and yoga personally benefited your life?

KM| Yoga and meditation have given me the opportunity to quiet my mind and strengthen my mind-body connection. I have found benefits in all aspects of my life including, but not limited to, work and fitness.

See you there!!

The Yoga Expo 2016 Houston Tickets



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