No Kidding!

My mother often tells me that I am going to ruin my future kid’s childhood because I don’t want them to eat fast food or believe in the Easter bunny. Okay to the Easter bunny lie..I’ll let my kids think a rabbit is going around hiding decorated eggs for a while but when did fast food become tradition? Yes, I have childhood memories of eating fast food but I also have memories of wearing girdles and wearing adult sizes in elementary. I won’t lie. I do sometimes think that my way of thinking and actions may negatively influence my future kid. I pinch my fat in the mirror and critique myself. I think that’s perfectly fine but people always tell me that I’m too hard on me it’s like looking at your bank account and saying that the amount is too low and that you’re about to work overtime to make more money. You are not calling yourself a failure or hating life because of are saying it’s GO time! The blah part about it is that kids won’t understand that..they will see me pinching my fat and probably develop some type of emotional issue. Having kids seems so hard. I want my kid to care about being fit but not fine if that makes sense. Like chill out future kid..don’t go crazy please. I definitely don’t want my kid to break from pressure and develop a problem. I know a little cutie that is about 12 years old. I love the fact that she cares about fitness and being active. The only thing that I don’t like is that she won’t get on a scale in front of me. She’s already becoming self conscious and too critical of herself. I really hate to fix that I’ll just keep telling her that she’s amazing because she really is. If you have children try your best to make fitness fun. Your kids will not be worried about if they are burning enough calories while they are running around on the beach or playing volleyball with you. Put them in some type of sport and/or sign them up for camps. Deep down I know that my mother is trying to protect children’s innocence. This world is crazy and you want them to be kids as long as possible..I understand. The true goal is to have them live as long as possible and to protect their innocence and obese happy kids…just happy kids!

I have a friend that told me that her daughter will only eat nachos, spaghetti, desserts and chips. (She’s going to be like “that was not for your blog!” you girl!! *wink wink*) Like I said parenting seems hard and I know your kids may flip on you if they don’t get what they want but so what. They will get over it. You are the parent. My friend told me that her daughter will not eat if it is not one of the unhealthy things that I listed. You can tell that her daughter has never been hungry. I do think that you should consider your children’s feelings. My kids won’t have a choice in eating vegetables but they will get to choose which ones they eat. See..compromise! A kid may hate broccoli but love carrots..don’t make the kid eat broccoli. If you let a child pick their meal of course they will choose nachos but as the parent you pick the meal and consider their opinion because they do matter.

I found treat recipes from Fitness RX Magazine for you and your little ones. After you get in from taking them to the park you can go into your kitchen with them and make fun and easy snacks. The first yummy treat is called Melon Berry Ice. You can make popsicle bites with ices trays or popsicles with 4-6 ounce cups and wooden popsicle sticks.

Melon Berry Ice


3 cups cubes seeded watermelon

1 cup fresh raspberries

3 tablespoons organic honey

5 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a food processor/blender and process until smooth. Use a fine mesh sleeve to separate the seeds and solids from the liquid. Pour the strained juice into your choice of freezing containers.

No-Bake Coconut Protein Balls


1/4 cup protein powder

1/4 cup rolled oats

1/4 cup ground flaxseeds

1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

2 tablespoon of almond butter

Mix protein with just enough water for a cake batter consistency, then add in almond butter, oats, flaxseeds and half of the coconut. Once all ingredients are mixed, roll mixture into small balls, then roll the ball in the remaining coconut.






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