TDF Digest: Cookin’ with YaYa!

You guys know that I love my friends. We always have such a good time together. Little things like trips to the grocery store are always filled with laughter and maybe a little of me nagging that they should pick healthier options..but it’s still always a good time. I’m the friend during happy hour that’s sipping wine and eating hummus while I watch my friends chow down and occasionally steal one of their fries..bad Tonnisha. One of the fab things about them is that they are always down to do anything. I can suggest a dance class instead of watching a movie and they are always happy to go with me. Gotta love them! That is why I can’t WAIT to tell them that we are taking a cooking class with Yaya Jean’s Kitchen!…well they are going to read this so SURPRISE!! First of all the owner of Yaya Jean’s Kitchen Jona Moore is everything! My friends are going to love her down to earth and amazing personality. I didn’t know if it was excellent customer service or if we were becoming friends..either way I ended up opening a bottle of wine and when she said yes to a glass I knew that we were meant to be. HaHa.

Yaya Jean’s Kitchen provides meal prep, catering and cooking classes. I had the pleasure of taking one of Yaya Jean’s Kitchen cooking classes this week. We made Veggie Burrito Blast, Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta and Guilt Free Apple Pie. My mouth is watering as I type! The Veggie Burrito Blast takes 20 minutes max to make and serves 4-5 people. We substituted tortillas for lettuce. We used light sour cream and reduced fat feta cheese along with guacamole and pico de gallo to top the veggie goodness. It was so delicious. You will not miss the meat or the tortillas at all. After I devoured the Veggie Burrito Blast we began to make the Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta. We used angel hair pasta to take away some of the pasta guilt and didn’t have to use sauce because the shrimp and the other ingredients created a flavor like no other. The only problem you may have is not going back for more but remember portion control! The Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta only takes 15 minutes to make. For dessert we made Guilt Free Apple Pie. The pie literally took 5 minutes to make and was excellent. Jona suggest that you add vegan ice cream made with almond milk to top it off. I don’t know if I can handle it because I literally ate like there was no tomorrow but the good thing about it was that everything was healthy, natural and fresh. I didn’t go back for seconds with the Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta (stayed strong! HaHa) but the Veggie Burrito Blast and I got very acquainted. I had such an awesome time learning how to cook with Yaya Jean’s Kitchen and I’m so excited to include my friends on my next cooking class adventure.

I encourage you to sign up for your own cooking class with Yaya Jean’s Kitchen. I often tell people that eating healthy doesn’t have to be torture and after you try Jona’s food you will believe me. Yaya Jean’s Kitchen allows you to enjoy your favorite foods minus the guilt and did I mention that Yaya Jean’s Kitchen is super affordable?! You can’t beat that! Instead of gaining weight at someone’s happy hour why don’t you invite your friends to a cooking class? A cooking class date is also really cute (you’re welcome wink wink) If you’re super busy or simply don’t like to cook you should definitely call Yaya Jean’s Kitchen for their meal prep services. If you ever need a caterer for an event you have to call Yaya Jean’s Kitchen..your guest will love you! If you can’t tell I have become Jona’s number one fan. HaHa. I totally enjoyed her company and services and I know you will too. Let me know how it goes!..or invite me!..ask Jona I can cut up peppers like a pro! HaHa. I hope you all enjoy!

Cookin’ with Yaya Video!



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