TDF Digest: Picnic with Unjaded Fit!

I know that I always say that I love everyone and their events and companies but it’s true! It has been such an amazing experience having my fitness blog. It is true when people say that you should go for what feels right to you. I didn’t know how successful my fitness blog would be but I knew I had to do it and it has been one of the best experiences ever! I have met some really awesome, encouraging and extremely kind people and I hope you give their companies and events a try. I had the pleasure of having a picnic with Gloria the president of Unjaded Fit. Unjaded Fit offers clean eating with spice and alternatives so you won’t have to eat the same things over and over. I always say that healthy food does not have to be boring and if you don’t believe me please buy one thing from Unjaded Fit then afterwards apologize for not believing in me. HaHa…but seriously you won’t be disappointed. My favorite thing that I ate at my picnic with Unjaded Fit were the chocolate energy bites. I love Reese’s candy and refuse to eat them but totally miss them. The energy bites remind me of my beloved Reese’s candy with the chocolate and peanut butter and nuts…oh my! Gloria advised me to eat an energy bite before and after my workout. I won’t lie I ate the energy bites immediately…like four of them. I now know that when I order the energy bites that I have to order them in small amounts because the big girl inside of me totally won that battle. My second favorite were the tuna patties..mmm I can taste them now with the mashed sweet potatoes and bell peppers on the side! I am not lying to you when I say everything was packed with flavor and heat. I really tried my best to eat cute in front of Gloria but it was not happening. HaHa…totally devoured everything and took some of it to go…I swear I’m classy Gloria..don’t judge me. HaHa.

The Tuna Patties are packed with protein. The ginger in the patties helps with nausea, reduces muscle pain and soreness, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, fights heart disease, and can reduce menstrual pain. The basil in the tuna patties has anti-aging properties and is rich in antioxidants. The spicy kick comes from cayenne pepper which helps speed metabolism, has detoxifying properties, and lowers high cholesterol. The oh so yummy Mashed Sweet Potatoes are high in vitamin B6 and are a great source of Vitamin C and potassium. The sweet potatoes contain iron to support a healthy immune system and have a good source of magnesium which is a relaxation and anti-stress mineral. The Bell Peppers offers the highest amount of vitamin C and is a good source of Vitamin E which is good for your skin. The bell peppers have beta-carotene which lavishes you with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Last but totally not least is the Mango Salad that I was hesitant about during my picnic with Unjaded Fit. All of my life I swore that I hated mangoes until I tried the mango salad.  The mango salad is sweet and spicy at the same time and you might just fight a kid for the last bite..I’m just saying. The mango salad is packed with many vitamins that are good for your skin and speeds metabolism.

I had the best time with Gloria at our picnic in the park. Gloria was really sweet and knew a lot about nutrition. Unjaded Fit meal preps are healthy and delicious and are prepared by someone who truly cares about quality and nutrition. I know how hard it is to stay on track with a busy schedule. The crazy thing is I don’t even have kids yet and I’m super busy..yikes!! I don’t know how you guys do it with kids! The perfect thing about Unjaded Fit is that you have amazing food already perfectly portioned and ready to go for you. Unjaded Fit meal preps gives you one less thing to worry about and one more thing to love. Do yourself a favor and try the energy bites. Busy schedules are perfect excuses for missing our workouts but pop an energy bite in your mouth and get to moving! I hope you enjoy Unjaded Fit meal preps! I love to share with you guys and I love your feedback! Make sure you watch my picnic with Unjaded Fit below!

Picnic with Unjaded Fit Video!


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