TDF Digest: Fit2AT !

I believe in having mentors. I had mentors in high school and picked my hardest but favorite professor to be my mentor while attending Georgia State University. The desire to have a mentor was no different when I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I met TJ aka Fit2AT at a networking mixer in downtown Houston, Texas. I was instantly drawn to his energy. We chatted for a minute then went our separate ways to continue networking. At the time TJ didn’t know that he’d inspired me. I tucked his card safely in my wallet with the intentions on bugging him to be my mentor after I became certified. HaHa but seriously. I was like this guy totally has to be a part of my life! The awesome thing about TJ is that I didn’t have to bug him at all. He did not hesitate to lend a helping hand to me. TJ wants nothing from me but to see me be the best that I can be. His encouragement means everything. TJ has taken me on trips to the grocery store with his clients (he’s so hands-on with his’s awesome to watch!), coaches me on different workouts and has opened my eyes to things that I need to work on about myself. I would say “I’m clumsy” and would avoid doing certain things. He made me see that I was making excuses, needed to work on my balance and that I need to exit my comfort zone. He read right through me on the first day! He was dead-on so I had to take it in and reflect. What I learned is that we may have something that we need to work on but it’s okay…work on it and do not let it stop you. Never say what you can’t do TDF Readers!

Fit2AT offers personal training, classes and newly added free boot camps! I won’t lie I told him to charge (that’s the manager in me HaHa) but TJ wants his boot camps to be free for everyone. He has separate boot camps for men and women. I attended his first C-C She Fit boot camp on Tuesday evening. We had so much fun! Everyone was so positive and cheered each other on while working out. The hardest thing was doing ab exercises while TJ cracked jokes and sang songs. C-C She Fit boot camp was a judge-free zone and felt like a group of friends working out together. I definitely enjoyed myself at C-C She Fit boot camp just as I do during our mentor and mentee sessions. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and support that TJ gives me. I hope to pay it forward one day! If you live in Houston you have to come to C-C She Fit boot camp on Tuesdays! It is the perfect way to meet TJ and to get Fit2AT!

Make sure you connect with TJ on social media and click on the treat below!

Instagram: @fit2atinc

Facebook: TJMouhon

Fit2AT Entertainment


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