Fierce Fitness!

If you are ever at Nordstrom The Woodlands location you must schedule an appointment to get your face beat by MAC MUA Cristina. Cristina is very talented and knowledgeable and will have you looking fierce! I had to meet up with Cristina and pick her brain because of a fabulous woman that goes to my gym.  The lady wears a full face of makeup to the gym and I can’t deny that she always looks amazing. The thoughts that ran through my head were that she either wants to wear the makeup to the gym or feels that she has to wear the makeup to the gym. I then started thinking about if there were makeup made specifically for the gym and for people that wanted to look fabulous at all I looked it up on (clearly I was making up excuses to stop exercising HaHa) I found a post called Makeup You Can Wear to the Gym so I decided to take my much needed break to read it. I enjoyed Cosmopolitan’s post but questioned the products and wanted advice from a makeup pro. I believe that you should do whatever you want to do as long as you aren’t harming yourself or anyone else. Do you! Be as fab as you want to be! You all know that I’m always going to look out for my TDF Readers and make sure you all get the best advice! I can give you basic makeup advice but I’ll just stick to fitness. Cristina is here to the rescue and I am here with my side note randomness HaHa. I hope you learn something new and enjoy! advised that you wear The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion and Neutrogena Oil-Free Foundation to the gym. Neutrogena isn’t the only foundation that is oil-free. There are many waterproof based foundations that will stay on while you sweat and workout. Neutrogena is a really good brand for skin care. Cristina uses Neutrogena face wash and face masks. Neutrogena Oil-Free Foundation is really good for all skin types and especially for people with oily skin because it is a mattifying foundation. If you are looking for something that will be more mattifying always go with an oil free foundation. Feeling ashy? HaHa You don’t have to buy The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion. Any lotion with tea tree is really good for your skin. Tea tree is good for blemishes. If you want you can wear tinted moisturizer, sunscreen and powder blush while working out. Cristina doesn’t recommend wearing blush to the gym if you are fare skinned. If you do not sweat a lot you can wear blush to add more color to your skin. If you want to continue the natural look you should try a lip stain. It will stay on your lips while you workout and you can look fierce with little effort.

I know that I am not the only woman that wakes up with random blemishes. #TheStruggle . suggests that you use Almay Clear Complexion Concealer to cover blemishes. According to Cristina, Almay is a good brand and really affordable. Concealer is the way to go if you want to cover certain areas on your face. If you are anything like me you wipe your face a million times while exercising. You don’t want to leave the gym looking like a raccoon so make sure you wear waterproof mascara. You certainly can’t forget your makeup setting spray! Any setting spray is like a refresher for your skin that won’t make you look oily post workout. After your workout be sure to use makeup remover wipes that won’t dry out your skin or irritate it before you wash your face. You want to make sure you remove all of your gym makeup!

Tina Tip: “Skin care ladies! It’s all about the skin care. If you want your makeup to look good you have to take care of your skin!”


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