Fit Family!

I love my family but I don’t believe in forcing anything. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but I don’t feel like every family has to be like the families on the black Christmas movies. “Pass the plate to Uncle Joe” says Big Mama. “I’ve never met this man in my life.. Why is he even here?!”  You know..that weird old guy you have to hug that reminds you that he use to hold you as a baby. Awkward smile. Church hug. I just feel like I should be able to choose who I am going to be around.  You can imagine how I felt when I was told that my aunt from Florida was coming to town. You’re wrong. I was happy. My aunt is like a B12 shot.  She gives you so much positive energy just from being in her presence. My aunt has always been someone who I can talk to and share my experiences with. I was so excited when she told me that she was going to start her weight loss journey a while back. I am proud to say that she has lost over 60 lbs! Go Auntie! She has always been gorgeous but she looks even better now! I am happy to have someone to talk to about fitness. We text new nutritious snacks that we randomly find with a self help book thrown in here and there. The minute we saw each other we started trading protein bars. Now that I am typing this we sound so lame and obsessive! HaHa oh well! I am not able to talk protein with anyone else my friends roll their eyes when I go into details. Anyway, she came in town and I’m like finally someone I can relate to! I took her to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants to have her try their squash bisque and avocado toast. Mm Mmm Mmm! She loved it. The next day we exercised and talked in the morning.  My aunt is a very interesting and open minded woman so our conversation is always a pleasure. Our workout seemed easy. We got extra cardio in by stopping by the stores to get a little retail therapy. I was happy to find out that she would be coming back for Thanksgiving. She can really cook. A lot of my favorite dishes made by aunt are homemade and fattening but at least I’ll have someone who is health conscious in the room. I know that while I’m over here trading protein bars it’s people that can’t hold a positive conversation with a family member to save their life.  I know. I’m going to write a post about surviving the holidays for you! I am not going to be dramatic or negative it’s just that sometimes you have to be “auntie”. If no one is positive in your family you start it off.  This post was to encourage you to bring fitness into your family. It can be as simple as the things my aunt and I did during her visit. You all can exercise together, be responsible when you go to restaurants together and do activities that involve movement. My brother and I use to visit my aunt and her family in Florida every summer growing up. It was a bittersweet visit because I loved being around them but I knew that we were going to have to be active. Remember I was the fat kid low key looking for the snacks not trying to play racquetball. They would make us run around and be kids. They are still playing racquetball together. I love that whenever they come to Houston they plan an activity for the family. They want to do rock climbing as a family next. In my post No Kidding I talk about incorporating fitness for your children but the adults need it too. One year my aunt took the family skating. The kids loved being active with the adults and it was a good experience for everyone. Adults need to find their inner child and need to realize that exercise does not have to be torture and can be cheap or free. You can exercise as a family. All of the family gatherings do not have to involve eating and drinking. All of the food that is cooked for family gatherings does not have to be the worse things on the planet. Can we leave pork out at least one time? Uncle Joe won’t mind! HaHa. I really enjoyed quality time with my aunt. I can’t wait to see her in November.  I will let you all know how rock climbing goes. I can imagine my mom trying to do it now HaHa. Once again I understand that everyone has different situations going on. You may need to be the positive person encouraging change for your family. You may have to accept your family for who they are and move on to make fun experiences with your friends. There is nothing wrong with making your friends into’s all about who treats you well and has your best interest. I just ask that you add fitness to your family time. Skip happy hour and go to yoga class! I much rather you shop than eat! Read my blog together while on a plane to somewhere awesome..just suggestions.


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