Behind The Scenes!

This post is inspired by my life. Well all of my posts are kind of like my random thoughts. Behind The Scenes in particular was born as I stared at a bowl of chocolate chip cookies during a video shoot. The video shoot took up my entire day. The fact that I didn’t make my exercise goal of the day was my main reason for trying to fight the urge to get temporary energy from the cookies and the other junk that I decided to buy. Ugh. Yes. I was the person that picked the refreshments. Ugh. I did so many things wrong that day. I didn’t exercise like I was supposed to, the only two healthy things that I picked out for the video shoot were water and strawberries and to top it off I didn’t eat properly so the unhealthy food was calling my name. Shoot the chair was calling my name I was so hungry. I totally set myself up for failure. I watched the videographer eat his baked chicken for dinner because of course he didn’t forget to meal prep and I wondered what was wrong with me. Skip a couple of days and we are going out of town for a show in Atlanta. I was prepared this time. I had my protein bars, nuts and some other stuff that I can’t remember but it was healthy. We arrived to Atlanta late and of course the team wanted to go out to eat. I had tomato bisque and hummus. Not too bad. I had a couple of drinks here and there but not enough to cause guilt. I didn’t work out in Atlanta. That was my only thing. Behind The Scenes is my life but I thought about yours too. A lot of jobs are full of temptation.  In the entertainment business we work crazy hours so that equals no sleep and then we have to exercise and eat properly so that we don’t lack energy and crave candy bars..or caffeine. I have kind of been drinking too much coffee these days. I have to get a hold of it..but anyway. I was talking to a lady that works at a hospital and she told that it is hard to stay healthy at her job. I was totally shocked. You would never think that behind the scenes at a hospital it’s temptation everywhere. She said that they have big bowls of candy that are refilled every day and have donuts brought to the office every morning. She told me about the different options in the hospital cafeteria and I couldn’t believe it. I am not going to lie I am not super outraged or anything. The new information just made me realize that we all have to be prepared no matter what job we have. I wouldn’t think that there would be more temptation working at a hospital than it is a video shoot but it can be. We have to be prepared so that we don’t make unhealthy choices. It does not matter if you are an actor, mailman, teacher, nurse or flight attendant..we must stay fit. I went on WebMD.Com for tips from their post 10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks/Have Healthy Snacks

Having your own snacks will make it easier to avoid unhealthy snacks. If you have control over what food will be in your workplace make healthy choices. Your employees/coworkers may complain about the healthy food but they will get over it. You’re helping everyone in the long run.

Drink Water

Yea, I know. Who wants to be running to the restroom 100 times a day? But hey..water helps you feel full and flush fat.


Fit it in! I know that your schedule may be hectic but you can’t drop the ball. I salute people with kids. I know it is a totally different ball game when you include kids but try to exercise. Run around with the kiddos if that’s all that you have left in you for the day. Something is better than nothing!

Eat A Healthy Lunch/Balanced Diet

We tend to run around the whole day not eating meals and snacking all day because we are starving. Of course you are going to want a cookie at 5 P.M. if all you had since 5 A.M. was a cup of green tea. Some people don’t eat all day and have one big meal for dinner. All wrong. We’re all wrong.

We are all busy. We are trying to accomplish goals and keep life together. There are a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  Life in general is pretty crazy. Unpredictable as hell..and I’m pretty sure we are all just trying to not go crazy. Well I’m in my 20s..If you’re my age you feel my pain and if you’re older you’ve been there and done that. We all are dedicated to our work but we can’t forget our fitness goals. The tips I shared will hopefully help you stay on track as you work to take over the world. See you at the top! Stay healthy!


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