TDF Digest: Cocktails & Conversations

I had the pleasure of attending The Musicians Wives event Cocktails & Conversations powered by Impact Magazine. I’ve mentioned in previous post that it is important to live a fit life. The keyword today is life. We are so focused on work, children and staying dedicated to our fitness journey but sometimes we need to treat ourselves. Cocktails & Conversations at Aloft Houston was my treat and what a treat it was! Kim Gagne the Supervising Producer of the Steve Harvey Show led Q&A conversations with the guest. I particularly liked the conversations about healthy relationships and healthy business decisions. Cocktails & Conversations was packed with women sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge and networking. I especially enjoyed my conversation with Towanda Braxton from WE tv’s Braxton Family Values. If you have ever watched Braxton Family Values you have seen Towanda’s amazing figure. Towanda Braxton has said on her show that she hates to exercise. I knew that she had to have a fitness secret because her shape was flawless in person. I asked Towanda to spill her secrets to staying in shape and she gave credit to the quality time spent with her children.  In my previous post No Kidding! I explain that you can include your children on your fitness journey. Your children do not have to be your excuse to be unhealthy. Towanda spends hours running around and jumping on the trampoline with her son and daughter. It pays to play! Your children will appreciate the quality time with you and so will your body.  I had fun conversing with The Musicians Wives and Towanda. The cocktails were just as good as the conversations. I splurged and had a cocktail or two. I loved Keynote and Bozz from TMW liquor line. The food from Candies Fine Catering was delectable. The crab and spinach dip was to die for. I had fellow blogger Totally Randie try Candies Fine Catering’s glazed chicken and she said it was super tasty. Candies Fine Catering meal preps. You should definitely give them a try. Cocktails & Conversations was a great experience. The event allowed me to let my hair down. We all need a little fun sometimes. The Musician Wives outdid themselves. Cocktails & Conversations was an evening of good food, delicious cocktails and conversations with marvelous people.


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