Think About It!

We are always on the go. Places to go..People to see..Things to do. It is no problem to be busy and productive but we have to make sure we are healthy and are making healthy choices. If you are busy and you’re healthy mentally and physically then we’re cool. If you are busy but you’re gaining weight and losing your mind then we have a problem. We have a problem that we can easily fix and I have the tips to fix it! I have mindfulness tips for what to do before and after the food hits the plate. I also threw in a couple of meditation tips to help you slow down and find peace.


Snack Wisely Before Shopping

Don’t buy out the grocery store because you’re hungry while shopping. Eat a healthy snack to avoid buying too much and to avoid making unhealthy choices.

Put Food Away

Once you are finished grocery shopping make sure you put the food away. Keep food out of sight so that you will eat when you are hungry not just because you see it on your counter.

Plate It Up

Don’t start opening up your groceries, grabbing handfuls and popping food into your mouth. You may just think you are simply snacking but control it before you eat a meal worth of calories. Plate your food..even your snacks..portion control my friends!


Express Your Gratitude

Your plate is made but do not start eating. Take a moment before you start to eat to stop and give thanks. You can pray. You can do whatever you want to express your gratitude.

Engage All Six Senses

See the colors. Smell the food. Take small bites. Taste your food. Chew your food thoroughly. Have you ever witnessed someone swallow their food?  It’s not hot. How did you just swallow that rib?! Slow down the food isn’t going to go anywhere.

Don’t Skip Meals

You feel like you’re starving so it may be hard to be Zen while eating and you may overeat. It make sense.

Walking Meditation

Slowly pace back and forth noting every stride.

Every time your mind wanders, gently bring it back.

Open Awareness

Sit, stand, or lie down.

Maintain focus and try noting whatever comes up: hearing, breathing, etc.

Every time your mind wanders, gently bring it back.



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