TDF Digest: Groove Bounce Fun!

I had a blast at Groove Bounce Fun! Seriously. I was hesitant to use the space boots a.k.a. “Kangoo Jump Boots” at first. I am clumsy and have never liked anything that could result in me falling on my behind (which is everything skating, skateboarding etc. *rolls eyes*).  The instructor Mia helped me into my boots and assured me that I would be okay. It turned out to be a great experience. I hopped out of my comfort zone and it was so fun. I seriously felt like a kid jumping up and down. Groove Bounce Fun is an aerobic exercise that incorporates the benefits of gravity to exercise, tone, lose weight and increase circulation. I was totally enjoying myself and did not care that I was exercising. Wipe the sweat and play! That’s what it really felt like to me..playtime for adults. I invited my friend with me to Groove Bounce Fun and we both agreed that we would pick Mia’s class over happy hour any day. You should definitely try Groove Bounce Fun for yourself and invite friends and family. You all know that I believe in including children in physical activities and I think they would love Mia and Groove Bounce Fun. If you are older than 6 and younger than 90 you can participate! (That’s all of us so no excuses!..give it a try!) I instantly fell in love with Groove Bounce Fun and I know you will too. Fun and Fitness mixed in one!

Groove Bounce Fun Video!


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