The Big D!

You may have had it. You may have never had it before. You may be going through it right now. Depression. We don’t talk about depression enough. I have been guilty of dismissing depression off as laziness and wouldn’t dare show up to what I assumed were pity parties. I’m the type to smack you … More The Big D!

Vegan Recipes!

You’ve been vegan for a couple of days do you feel? I know that I feel great. Light as a feather. I honestly don’t miss anything yet and I think that I may have just walked into a new lifestyle. I have enjoyed watching your vegan videos and reading your comments. I thank you … More Vegan Recipes!

12 Days A Vegan!

I really love the reaction that I have been getting to my 12 Days A Vegan challenge. I have had people pumped and ready for the challenge. I have also had people clutch their pearls and scream dramatically like the world is ending. I especially loved the dramatic people. You guys are hilarious. If you … More 12 Days A Vegan!

Don’t Be Fake!

It is officially Sagittarius season! I know that this has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be talking about but we must rejoice! Everyone knows that Sags are amazing..and I happen to be one! Heyyy! Ok, back on topic. Let’s catch up. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you make the low-fat seasonal cocktails … More Don’t Be Fake!