Don’t Be Fake!

It is officially Sagittarius season! I know that this has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be talking about but we must rejoice! Everyone knows that Sags are amazing..and I happen to be one! Heyyy! Ok, back on topic. Let’s catch up. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you make the low-fat seasonal cocktails or play the gratitude game I told you about in Thanksgiving With A Twist? I will not lie. I didn’t. If you don’t see me on video doing something like in TDF Digest: Cookin With Yaya I probably didn’t get to it. I have to find time to actually make the healthy meals and drinks that I introduce to you all. “Don’t be fake Tonnisha!” It is my new goal to use every recipe that I share with you all. Call me mini Martha Stewart.

My Thanksgiving was nice. I didn’t go crazy. I will say my only weakness was my aunt’s macaroni and cheese. Goodness that lady can cook! She also made a sweet potato casserole for me that was to die for. The sweet potato casserole consists of sweet potatoes, cream, butter, brown sugar and pecans. The gratitude game was totally not happening. For one I didn’t get any of the supplies and plus my family went into a food coma the minute they finished eating. I did not do my normal workouts Thanksgiving week but I made sure that I was active. The same aunt that made the killer Mac & Cheese is the same aunt from Fit Family let’s call her Aunt Everything because I adore her. Aunt Everything, my cousin and I went to an indoor trampoline park Thanksgiving weekend. We played basketball and dodge ball and did some freestyle bouncing. I had so much fun with them during family/girl’s time.

I hate that I didn’t make the seasonal drinks or play the gratitude game with my family. I have to do better. Hey..I’m a work in progress man! Mini Martha coming soon..but I do have good news for you now. There is something that I am doing without a doubt and I want my TDF Readers to join me. I am the Creative Director for Lemon Lime Light Media. Tonnisha Deonn Fitness and Lemon Lime Light Media are partnering for a Christmas vegan challenge! I will give you more details soon but get ready TDF Readers because for 12 days we’re going vegan. Email me, comment below and/or contact me on social media (@TonnishaDeonn) to let me know that you’re joining the challenge. Don’t be fake now!..Don’t be eating shrimp tacos and telling people that you’re vegan during those 12 days..Don’t cheat! Get Ready! The 12 Days A Vegan challenge starts December 12, 2016! I’m so excited!



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