New Year’s Resolutions!

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was someone getting in my face. No she wasn’t trying to throw a drink on me or fight me like the housewives on reality TV. She was in my face and playing no games asking me why was I in my comfort zone. Every time I tried to open my mouth to give an excuse she interrupted me with “So!” Her actions made me sit and think about what I’d been telling myself. That day I found out how to leave my comfort zone. I realized that me saying “I have to wait until..” or “I’m not ready..” or “That’s not my kind of thing..” is really me holding myself back. We wait until the new year to make changes but the time is NOW! It is totally fine if you feel like you need the Jan 1st start date for extra motivation but understand that you don’t truly need it.  You can start your weight loss journey now. You can apply for college now. You can start your business now .(you can send me my discount right after…HaHa)  This guy on Twitter tweeted that we should do New Year’s Resolutions on our birthdays instead of the on New Years Eve. He said that every birthday is a new year for us and that we should reflect and make our resolutions that day. I totally love his idea.

Write your goals down. You need to have a plan. You need to be organized. I write my goals down but I’m also a huge fan of vision boards. I hang them up in my room and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. My vision board motivates me to keep going. My vision board is a reminder that I’m doing a good job. We work so hard (usually judging ourselves along the way) without stopping to pat ourselves on the back. I stop and count the things that I’ve accomplished. “2 more to go!” Make a vision’s good for you! I love a good vision board party! I usually do vision board parties with my close friends but you can  have one with coworkers or family too. Everyone coming together to spread positivity and encourage each other to dream. The energy is always seriously who could be negative at a vision board party?! Never mind..There’s always a Negative Nancy lurking..kick her out…Her and Bitter Betty.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I hope 2017 is everything you want it to be. Thank you for your support and for being one of the reasons why I smile.


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