Revenge Body In Reality!

The other day I was training a client and Wendy Williams came on TV. Wendy Williams said her signature “How You Doing?” and then proceeded to start the Hot Topics part of her show. She briefly talked about Khole Kardashian’s new show on E! called “Revenge Body” She talked about the fact that Khole has had surgery and Wendy Williams seemed totally bored with it all. My client and I listened to Wendy’s opinion and then my client wanted to know my thoughts. The only thing I knew about the show was the title so I didn’t want to diss it without giving it a chance. I didn’t plan on watching the show to be honest. I wish the Kardashian’s would have a show strictly about business and marketing because they are great at it. No drama just business..yeah right huh HaHa.  Some people watch anything with the Kardashian name attached to it and they know it. If the Kardashians had a show on HGTV about building houses people would watch. Their fans would watch. They would say that they used a hammer before to hang a picture in their bedroom and that would be enough experience for them to have a show. It is what it is. Their fans would watch. That’s why people were pissed and trying to sue after buying those weight loss pills because the Kardashians told them to on a commercial. Like seriously?…Oh, poor baby.

The show started off with Will’s story. Will was overweight his whole life and recently experienced a break up due to his weight gain. Will had a lovely personality so I immediately wanted him to succeed. Khole met him then revealed that he would be getting a nutritionist and personal trainer. Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson was Will’s trainer and Celebrity Nutritionist Dr. Goglia was his nutrionist. Will wanted to get revenge on his ex boyfriend.  Stephanie wanted to get revenge on her negative friends. Stephanie and Khole related to each other about feeling like the “fat friend” Stephanie trainer was Celebrity Trainer Luke Milton. I became an instant fan of Luke Milton. Celebrity Dermatologist Christie Kidd was her dermatologist. We watched Will and Stephanie work their glutes off to lose weight. Stephanie worked out twice a day every day. The first thing I thought about was “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC. Rod Durham died after diabetic shock from losing weight too fast. Many of the people on “Extreme Weight Loss” gained their weight back and have sued.

Fast forward a little…Will and Stephanie lost weight. Khole gave them makeovers and they had revenge reveals. I stopped watching when it got to the makeovers. It’s a show. That’s my opinion HaHa..but no really..It’s a show that promotes health in an unhealthy and unrealistic way. If the show motivates you then that’s so great but understand that this is a lifestyle. Do not do what you see on TV. Totally do the Burpees and exercise techniques that you saw on the show. It’s no problem to take Luke’s advice and stop eating processed foods. Do not go crazy thinking that you have to workout like a maniac. You will most likely quit. I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I’m speaking from experience. I lost over 170 lbs and I am keeping it off. If you think they care about you you’re insane and it’s about time you snap out of it. “Revenge Body” is a show. Take the good and leave the bad. To be honest the show was a waste of my time but hopefully it motivates people to get up and get active. What did I learn from the show? I learned that Luke Milton is awesome and I totally have to find his social media. Overall the show isn’t bad and you see Khole pop up here and there. I may just watch the workout sessions to fan out over their celebrity trainers. HaHa. Good Luck!…and remember THIS IS TV!


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