VDay Behavior!

Holidays are created and we eat to celebrate all of them. Why is that? Thanksgiving…let’s eat. Easter…let’s eat. My family even comes together to eat soul food on New Year’s Day. Valentine’s Day is no different. Valentine’s Day is usually a day when people show their love for one another by going out for a meal and giving out sweets. There definitely needs to be a remix to all holidays. Let’s stop doing the same thing. It is making us fat.

If someone tries to give you a box of milk chocolate slap it out of their hands! No..just kidding but you should seriously give dark chocolate a try. I love dark chocolate now but I hated it the first couple of times that I tried it. It had to grow on me. The health benefits are worth giving it a try. The milk in milk chocolate may interfere with the absorption of antioxidants. Antioxidants help with destructive molecules that cause heart disease. Dark chocolate has also been known to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate helps with stress hormone levels. Had a hard day at work?…pop a dark chocolate square. Significant other running you crazy?…munch on the dark chocolate! Single on VDay and depressed about it?…put that pint of ice cream down and have a low sugar dark chocolate treat. VDay is not important don’t gain weight because you have someone to spend it with or because you don’t have anyone. Who cares about one day? Show your love every day.

Tell your boo that you don’t want to be lazy this VDay. Depending on your location you can go on a bike ride, hike and/or walk on the beach. Put your phones away and enjoy nature…talk! Go out for a night of dancing and if your significant other has two left feet then go take a dance class. Roller skating, Ice skating and/or couples yoga are great date ideas. If you feel like entertaining you should host a couples game night with your friends. Jump around and have fun but be mindful of your wine intake! Museums and concerts are also great ideas. It doesn’t matter about whatever you decide to do just make sure that it involves movement.

Enjoy your VDay!


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