TDF Digest: Road Trip!

You guys know that I love a good road trip. Check out Fitness in Dallas! If you didn’t know now you do! It was one of my amazing friend’s birthday so we decided to go to Austin. It’s something about being on the road talking and laughing that brings you closer together. It was a group of girlfriends in a car making memories..and eating snacks. I’d brought 90 cal brownies, organic animal crackers and protein snack bars. One of my friends (the awesome mother and teacher) acted like my healthy snacks were made with poison so we made a stop at the store so they could buy chips and candy. I don’t judge matter of fact I bought some Fritos. Fritos are vegan friendly just FYI. We had enough snacks to get us to Atlanta not Austin that’s only 2 hours away. Hey, you have to be prepared. My fitness journey doesn’t stop just because I’m on vacation. I went to the gym at 6 A.M. before our road trip just to make sure I stayed on point. Anyhoo, the trip was amazing packed with surprises for the BDay girl (the beautiful wife and entrepreneur), good times and great food. Austin food is amazing!!

We went to Grand Lux Café for the BDay dinner. I snacked on some of my friend’s edamame and had hummus that I rated top 5 of the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life. I seriously had to declare it to the table. I swear Grand Lux Café must have bought someone’s grandmother’s recipe because it was real deal delicious. The Rainbow Thai Salad that I ordered is making my mouth water as I type. The Rainbow Thai Salad was pretty and packed with flavor. Mm mmm mmm! Grand Lux Café in Houston..I’m coming for you! The next day we went to The Park at the Domain for brunch. I know that I keep saying that I experienced the best in Austin but I did! I ordered the Hippie Veggie Burger to go with my Asian Salad. The Asian Salad had the best vinaigrette ever. I could eat it every day with no problem.

We had a great time. We didn’t go crazy with the drinking which I’m glad about. Austin’s food is too good. Forget the empty calories I rather eat! I really loved my road trip with the girls. Austin showed us a good time. I hope that you are out there making memories and enjoying your life. We aren’t here to just work and workout. Have some fun. Let your hair down a little!

..Oh and I had a couple of $1 mimosas at The Park at the Domain..but that just good Vitamin C HaHa.




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