Meditation Madness!

There are a lot of benefits of meditation. If you’re not great at it we can work on it together. I feel relaxed and calm after I meditate but I still haven’t mastered it. I move too much and always peek to see how much time has passed. People do a lot of different things to ease their mind. Some people find comfort in a cocktail some find it in a plate of their favorite food…both can make you gain weight. Who has time for that? I think it is so worth it to meditate and I hope you give it a try or keeping trying (if you’re like me) We can do it!

Different Ways to Meditate

Walking Meditation

Slowly pace back and forth. Try not to look at your feet focus on a neutral point in the distance.

Basic Mindfulness Meditation

Sit comfortably. Focus on your breathing.

Body Scan

You can sit, stand or lie down. Pay attention to your body. Scan your body from head to toe.

Compassion Meditation

Picture people that you know (including yourself) and send them positive vibes. During this type of meditation you are suppose to repeat positive affirmations.

Open Awareness

You can sit, stand or lie down. You are suppose to focus on every feeling not just your breathing. Focus on what you hear..if you have an itch..everything.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion
  • Helps control thoughts
  • Provides a sense of calm, peace and balance
  • Increase blood flow and slows the heart rate
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces stress

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