50 & Fit!

I know that I probably annoy my parents when I throw away the unhealthy food in their refrigerator. But hey, that’s love! It’s crazy how the tables turn. I worry about my parents and want to protect them. I nag because I care. I’m proud to say that my mom reads labels now and they have made at least a 40% change to their diet. That took a lot of side eyes from me. HaHa. You should never let yourself go. I know some of my elders are thinking “Girl, keep living.” HaHa but that’s one of my goals in life. I know things get crazy. I don’t even have kids so my life is pretty much about me but I don’t want that to change. I want to have a family and career without losing myself. Why do your child get to take multiple classes and you sit and watch. No! You should never stop learning. Get up and get active. In Fit Family! I talk about my fabulous aunt. We love to be active together. You want to gossip with your neighbor? Trade the cocktail in for cardio and you two go walk and chat. Its date night? Trade the movies for movement. Go out to a dance class for date night instead of sitting and watching a movie (and eating butter popcorn..side eye)  Had a horrible day at work? Spend a hour burning off some steam in the gym instead of burning up inside and letting your day raise your blood pressure.  I think people assume that I am telling them to work out like Rocky when I tell them to get active. Umm hello no! Be creative but just get off of the couch! Please! You are important at every age. The awesome thing about it is that it’s never too late. You can start being active right now…like this very second..like seriously, put your phone/laptop down and get to moving!


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