TDF Digest: Andri’s Tempeh!

Tofu is my favorite food. Tofu is basically condensed soy milk pressed into blocks. When I heard that tempeh was like tofu but healthier I had to give it a try. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Andri’s Tempeh. The husband and wife are lovely people. You guys know that I’m all about energy and their smiles and positivity were the first to greet me. Andri was born is Bali, Indonesia and Ryan grew up there from the age of 14. They were raised eating tempeh in Bali and were disappointed in the store bought tempeh when they relocated to America. The couple decided to create Andri’s Tempeh in order to give us the real deal tempeh…and Andri’s Tempeh is real deal trust me! Tempeh is a whole soybean and has a higher content of vitamins, fiber and protein than tofu. Andri’s Tempeh is organic Non-GMO and certified vegan.

Andri was nice enough to make a variety of tempeh dishes for me. She made me Ginger Tamarind Tempeh, Coconut Curry Tempeh, and Orange Zest Tempeh. Andri’s food was amazing! I put the Orange Zest Tempeh inside of a spinach tortilla with Just Mayo (vegan friendly), pico de gallo, and spinach. Hello! It was delicious. Andri made the Ginger Tamarind Tempeh into bite sizes and I literally popped them in my mouth every 5 minutes. It was a perfect snack and I didn’t feel guilty at the fact that it was gone in a day.  I saved the best for last! Andri’s Coconut Curry Tempeh was to die for! I put the curry tempeh on top of brown rice. The curry tempeh was packed with flavor and I really enjoyed it. I encourage you to give tempeh a try. Andri’s Tempeh is super affordable and made fresh daily. I know that raw tempeh may be intimidating to cook so I have added Andri’s Tempeh’s link for tempeh recipes. Give it a try!


Meet Andri!

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