Soy What?

I was Pescatarian (seafood only) for over 5 years and when I did 12 Days A Vegan! Challenge I never looked back. I eat many things to replace protein. I love tofu and black bean burgers and I’m a fan of meat substitutes.  Vegan chicken nuggets and vegan meatballs are delicious but people are debating on if they’re healthy or not.  I don’t eat meat substitutes every day but I eat it enough to want to do research on it. Meat substitutes are made with soy so that’s where I started.

Soybeans are legumes. Legumes are plants with seeds that grow in pods (bean or pea plant). Edamame is one of my favorites and it’s a soybean. You can eat soybeans whole but you must cook it. Soy is used to make tofu and it’s also used in tempeh. TDF Digest: Andri’s Tempeh! You have to be careful that your tempeh is organic to avoid GMO. Andri’s Tempeh is GMO free so you can eat it worry free.

The goal is to eat whole soybeans because they contain important nutrients. Whole soybeans contain large amounts of Potassium, Iron, and Calcium to name a few. Soybeans are an excellent source of protein and are better than most plant proteins. After my research I will decrease the amount of my meat substitute intake and stick to tempeh and my beloved tofu. I have concluded that if we eat soy in moderation the world won’t fall apart and neither will we. Hooray!


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