Everyone on my mother’s side of the family has high blood pressure and the majority of them take medicine for it. One of the reasons why I started my weight loss journey was to prevent having high blood pressure because it seemed like it was definitely in my future. I have never been a lover of soul food but that didn’t mean that I was in the clear. You would be so surprised to find out the foods that are high in sodium because I know that I was. I love soup and the crazy thing is we eat soup thinking that we are doing something positive for our bodies but it’s really high in sodium. I have yet to find a soup that is low in salt even the diet soups that say “low sodium”.  Diet frozen dinners are extremely high in sodium. We have to use the Nutrition Facts label to check the sodium because most healthy food isn’t healthy at all. It is important to take high blood pressure seriously. Too much salt means too pressure on your blood vessels and too work for your heart.  I know so many young people that don’t take their health seriously. High blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes are in their future if they continue to eat foods that are high in sodium. There are ways to prevent high blood pressure and to protect our health.  We can choose fresh food over processed food. We can eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. We can change the way we season our food by adding herbs and spices instead of salt. Our food doesn’t have to be bland we can also cook with garlic, peppers, onions, and ginger. Life isn’t over if we reduce our salt intake but it can be if we don’t. I take it seriously and I hope you do too. You’re in control!


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