The Addiction!

If you sit a box of chocolate in front of me it will slowly but surely disappear. It’s like a magic trick that I’m not so happy about. I also love carbs (who doesn’t) and can eat them all day and totally wish they were considered vegetables. Before I began my weight loss journey I … More The Addiction!

The Coffee Club!

I am sipping on a cup of coffee this very second. It’s 4 A.M. in the morning. If I didn’t have my coffee this morning my head would be spinning like the girl off of the The Exorcist. I like to have a cup of coffee every morning. As I sip I can’t help but … More The Coffee Club!

Brain Food!

Avocados keep the mind alert and focused. Avocados help with cognition and are packed with healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and many other nutrients. Guacamole is a favorite of mine. Here is a quick and easy guacamole recipe! Guacamole 2 avocados 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 tomato, chopped 1 lime, juiced 1 tablespoon chopped fresh … More Brain Food!


It is May! May is Lupus Awareness Month. If you are unfamiliar with lupus check out Purple Reign.  I have to say one of the things that I hate about having lupus is being sensitive to the sun. I miss it so much! Sometimes I get emotional about it but I remind myself that I’m … More Frenemies!