The Coffee Club!

I am sipping on a cup of coffee this very second. It’s 4 A.M. in the morning. If I didn’t have my coffee this morning my head would be spinning like the girl off of the The Exorcist. I like to have a cup of coffee every morning. As I sip I can’t help but wonder if coffee is healthy or harmful?  I have been on my weight loss journey for some time now and I’ve come to realize that everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING. You don’t know how many people tell me the harms of being vegan (as they bite down on a burger). Like seriously. I have no problem listening to other people but I believe in doing my own research. Majority of the time it’s all about portion control just like in Soy What? Too much of anything isn’t good for you. After I researched coffee’s benefits and health risks I came to the same conclusion that I did with soy. A cup of coffee won’t kill you! Hooray!

The caffeine in coffee increases our energy and can boost our metabolic rates. Coffee has a laxative effect on some people. It has been said that drinking coffee can lower our risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s. I must mention that it’s recommended to drink coffee black without sugar and cream. I like some things black but my coffee isn’t one of them. I need some dairy-free creamer and a little sugar in my coffee. If you’re pregnant and/or have a heart condition then you need to switch the coffee out for tea. If you have a problem with controlling your coffee consumption then you should take a caffeine detox to reset your caffeine tolerance. Coffee isn’t a miracle drink. If you want to lose weight drink water. There are teas that help with weight loss and don’t you worry your pretty/handsome little head about it..I’m on it! Tea post coming soon! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Seriously. I am a trainer and have lost 150+ lbs and still have to listen to people tell me what’s healthy and harmful (most of them are usually overweight or have like high blood pressure or something and I’m like are you serious?..ok ok back to what I was saying). The key is to judge the person giving you advice. This is the only time I will tell you to judge someone. You should find out if the person is educated on the topic or just giving their opinion. Please understand that just because a person is skinny doesn’t mean they’re healthy. You have high cholesterol?….Keep it moving and deal with your own health ma’am/sir! The major key is to do your own research….or you can just keep up with TonnishaDeonnFitness.Com (sips coffee..wink wink).


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