The Addiction!

If you sit a box of chocolate in front of me it will slowly but surely disappear. It’s like a magic trick that I’m not so happy about. I also love carbs (who doesn’t) and can eat them all day and totally wish they were considered vegetables. Before I began my weight loss journey I would sometimes eat chocolate and carbs all day until my stomach hurt. I liked it a lot and lacked control. I have now gained control and I’m mindful when I eat Think About It! but I still slightly overeat chocolate and carbs. It may be coco granola and Wheat Thins instead of chips and donuts but too much of anything isn’t good. The fact that I have to talk myself into having portion control when it comes to carbs and chocolate made me assume that I was addicted. There is such a thing as being addicted to food and hate when people are closed minded about it. I looked up food addiction and I’m pretty sure that I am just greedy not addicted. If I was addicted I would obsess about it, crave it like crazy, and would only have a positive attitude when I was eating potato chips. I would eat a lot of food. Too many handfuls of granola don’t count as a food addiction so I seriously need to snap out of it! Food addiction is just like any other addiction and should be taken seriously. Some people use laxatives and vomit to continue eating and to avoid gaining weight. It is not uncommon for someone with a food addiction to steal food from others. Sugar, fat, and salt are addictive just like drugs. You have to pay attention to the warning signs to avoid making hot dogs your heroin. If you have crazy cravings despite being full and make excuses to eat you might have a problem. If you suffer from compulsive overeating and have emotional effects you should slow it down and get help. It is totally ok to need help! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise..not even yourself! It is common for people to hide their addictions. It’s ok to keep your addiction to yourself and get treatment for it. When you’re ready to share your experience with others you will. Treatment for food addiction can be nutrition counseling, behavioral therapy, and education and social support groups.  There are different types of food addictions beside the general food addiction. Binge eating, Anorexia, and Bulimia are food addictions. Binge eaters eat huge amounts of food. Anorexic people limit their food to stay thin. Bulimic people eat as much as they want when they want but will go to great measures to avoid gaining weight. Food addiction is way more serious than too many handfuls of Wheat Thins. I just need to focus more and be disciplined. If you read this and think that you may suffer from something more serious like food addiction then take the steps to fix it. You’re going to be okay and I’m going to work on getting myself together too. Maybe I should meditate when I’m feeling greedy Meditation Madness! either way don’t leave your dark chocolate around me until I get my problem fixed.


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