The Scale!

I have to thank the scale because it’s what originally made me start my weight loss journey. The day that I almost broke my doctor’s scale is the day that my eyes were opened. The scale and I have a love/hate relationship. The scale was my friend because it motivated me to get it together but it also is the reason I became super hard on myself. I talk about it in Experience Life. In Experience Life I explained how I was extreme and put a scale in the kitchen. I went a little crazy but over time I’ve learned to appreciate my journey. I had to think about it. Do I enjoy the plane ride to my fabulous destination or do I get up every 15 minutes to ensure that the plane has gas? No! Life must be enjoyed! I have a look that I’m going for not a weight goal but I still step on the scale from time to time. If you have determination and work hard you will get results but don’t lose your joy. Think fat loss not weight loss. We want to gain muscle and lose fat. Fat loss won’t always show up on the scale but your figure will look amazing. Trust me. We have to get out of our heads and find balance. Focus on enjoying your journey and give the scale a break.


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