I Feel Fat

Raise your hand if you ever have fat days. Oh, I’m the only one? One of the reasons why people have issues is because no one is willing to open up and say “Hey, I go through this…Sometimes I struggle with that” One of the reasons why I love reading autobiographies is because it reminds me that I’m not the only one going through certain things. Even the biggest celebrities have experienced similar situations as you or worse. We have to understand that we are not alone and that we all have something that we can relate to with each other. The other day my best friends wanted to go out and hang but I was having a fat day and didn’t want to go out. I have fat days a couple of days out of the month. I hate everything in my closet and no amount of compliments or “Girl whatever! You’re delusional!” from my BFFs helps. No I don’t feel ugly nor do I hurl insults at myself but I’m too hard and sometimes go to the extreme. I don’t think it’s cool to act emotionless and inhumane. Not really my thing. I have no problem letting you know that I’m just like you..or crazier. HaHA Just Kidding! I hope you have family, a significant other, and/or friends that will support you when you are having your day. Overworked days…Depressed days…Insecure days..whatever it may be for you. When you’re having your day lean on someone who sincerely cares and I also recommend you pick up a book or two. The last and totally not least day fixer is to simply SHAKE IT OFF! I don’t care if you have to put on the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and dance around your house. I don’t care how silly it may sound..and that you may not like Taylor Swift. Do what you have to do. (…and uh hello who doesn’t like Taylor?!) It is important to shake off negative feelings so that they don’t kill your joy. Keep your head up TDF Reader and leave the bad days behind you. It’s all in our heads anyway!


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