What The Fungi?!

I give up! I’m eating grass! Yes, you read it right. I’m over it and I’m going to eat grass because I can’t eat anything else! Yesterday I bit into something so lovely and knew it was too yummy to be true. I double checked the ingredients and discovered the word Mycoprotein.

Question of the Day: What the hell is Mycoprotein?

It’s fungi! “Myco” is Greek for fungi ladies and gentlemen. I was immediately grossed out and decided to do research. I always knew to be careful with mushrooms (I love mushrooms!) some are healthy and some will have you hospitalized. The mysterious Mycoprotein is a healthy protein source that’s produced by a process of fermentation similar to what’s used for yeast in bread. I never really paid much attention to anything else related to fungi assuming I wasn’t really eating it anyway. I was wrong. Most breads, beer, and wine have yeast and yeasts are unicellular fungi. I was ready to give up on life until I read something that put a twinkle in my eye. Fungi are decomposers that break down complex molecules into sugars or consume sugars found in the environment. I repeat “consume sugars found in the environment.” Fungi has beneficial effects on blood sugar. Next time I have too much sugar I’m going to eat some Portobello mushrooms and feel guilt free.

To be honest..I’m never buying the item that had the Mycoprotein in it again. Yes, I know that I found out that it wasn’t doing me any harm but I’m not about the fungi life. I’ve tried to fight it but I really think it’s time to transition to more of a raw food diet. I don’t have to wonder about the ingredients in spinach and in other vegetables and fruits. I really didn’t want to become that die hard health junkie but I think that’s in the cards for my future. My lip was swelling the other day…probably because I was munching on fungi. I’m going to try the raw food diet out. I’ll keep you updated!


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