Oh Honey!

I was talking to a fellow trainer about my love for coffee. I use things like B12 to boost my energy but I have to have my cup of Joe too. B12 works don’t get me wrong but I enjoy coffee. You want to keep the little things that you enjoy..right? I mean, it’s not a double cheese burger or something. My trainer friend agreed with me. She gave me the advice to continue to drink coffee just make sure I’m cautious when I purchase it from coffee shops. You know they pack everything with sugar so it’s best to purchase regular degular coffee from them or make it at home. I use dairy-free creamer and very little sugar. I was advised to use raw honey instead of sugar so that it wouldn’t be a big deal. She lost me there. I put honey in my tea but I was unsure about how it would taste in my coffee. Before I could finish the “What the..” in my head I heard her say she uses honey to heal herself.  Yes honey! She said she never gets sick and it’s all because of raw honey. That got me on a mission to find out the buzz on honey! (corny?..ok ok I digress)

The number one reason why I am welcoming more raw honey into my life is because it can boost your immune system. I am so lying. My number one reason is weight loss. OMG that’s sad because I have Lupus but hey..I’m honest with you guys. The first fact that I found that put a twinkle in my eye was that honey helps us lose weight and is known to enhance athletic performance and recovery. The second important honey fact is that Manuka Honey is an antioxidant powerhouse and strengthens the immune system. (Tip: The darker the honey the higher antioxidant level) If you have a sore throat and cough you can cure it with honey. Honey lovers suggest a lemon and Buckwheat Honey drink for dry coughs. Raw honey is also good for people with diabetes because it regulates blood sugar. You can use honey for a lot of things from lip scrubs to sleep aid. It’s awesome!

Use only raw honey for the health benefits and don’ give it to babies. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said it so please take it seriously!..and I know you’re thinking “  Tonnisha..aren’t you vegan?” Yes, I am a vegan. I am vegan because I feel like it agrees with my body 100% from the inside out…for vain reasons. I think that animal cruelty is horrible and the people that do it suck but I’m Team Vegan for my waistline. I know..I know..sigh. Anyhoo, other vegans don’t consume honey because it’s produced by animal labor. That is extreme to me but whatever..peace and love, ya know.


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