Me Time

I’m at the pull-your-hair-out stage of my life. According to my elders and the autobiographies of my favorite people this stage is perfectly normal. My days are packed with things to do and things to pay for. It’s really time to show what I’m made of but I have to remember that I’m not made of steel. Yea I’m a badass but sometimes this badass needs to take a break! I have so much pressure on me to make my career goals and body goals happen. I admit that I’m my worse critic and the pressure comes strictly from me. Lupus is there to remind me that I’m human and warns me with temporary scars when I’m doing too much. I’ve learned to appreciate having lupus because to be honest I would be crazy if there wasn’t something there reminding me to keep my stress in control. (Try to find the good in helps you not go crazy)

I sometimes feel guilty and consider it wasting time when I sleep or doing something else that falls under self-care. I know that’s just me being a weirdo but I have to accept me. I found the perfect way to end the guilt by scheduling  ‘Me Time’. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing during my time because it’s all about me. I might even turn my phone off *gasp*.  Spending QT (quality time) with yourself increases your energy, lower stress, and makes you more productive. I need all that…sign me up. It’s crazy we have to do all this to take it easy but hey it’s the way we are wired. Go-Getters are a special type of people. We are born hungry and work hard for what we want. Sometimes we are so focused on the end goal that we are missing our current accomplishments. When I say “we” I mean me but it makes me feel better if I add you in it. We gotta stop and smell the flowers and if we have to schedule some time to do it so be it.


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