I Almost Fainted

I almost fainted. Ok, I’m being dramatic but I was super weak from fasting. Let’s take it back.

I was talking to a new trainer friend of mine and he told me about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is when you fast for most of the day and only eat between certain times of the day. The example trainer friend gave me was of someone fasting for 16 hours each day. Of course I said “This is perfect. I’ll fast for 16 hours for the rest of the year!” Crazy. He told me about it at the end of August and I stayed on it until the beginning of October. I wanted to make it to New Years but…

At first I loved it. I move around so much that fasting in the morning wasn’t a big deal. I just kept it moving because I was busy. I loved being able to eat only 8 hours because during those hours I didn’t have to worry too much about portion control because I needed to get all of my nutrients for the day. I am a former big girl. She lives inside of me and was doing a little dance every time I got to eat portions larger than normal. I was okay with intermittent fasting for some time but then I got use to not eating. I would forget to eat or get super full off of nothing. It all started to unravel. My days are packed with physical activities and not having any food in me was slowly driving me nuts so I had to stop. I also was scared that I wasn’t making a healthy choice for me at the time and I can’t afford to have my body break down on me.

Intermittent fasting taught me that I can exercise without eating. I use to swear I was too weak to work out and fasting taught me that I was letting my mind speak for me and not my body. I would beast my work out on an empty stomach so I discovered that it was all mental. Fasting also reminded me that I am a baddass when it comes to discipline. I can do whatever I want when I put my mind to it.

I didn’t lose weight because I was not eating properly. I did lean out a little. I would totally do it again if I had more time in the day to make sure I was eating when I was supposed to. Intermittent fasting is hard to do when you move around a lot because you may forget to eat then you look up and time has passed you by and you’re like “Do I cheat and eat later than what I’m supposed to?” I kept one thing from intermittent fasting and that’s the cut off time. I stop eating every day at 9 P.M. I know 9 P.M. seems late but I don’t go to sleep until 2 A.M. or 3 A.M. sometimes so it’s nothing.  If you want to try it and need advice email me or comment below. You are more than welcome to contact me on social media!

Instagram: @TonnishaDeonn

Twitter: @Tonnisha_Deonn

P.S. I love when you guys contact me telling me your opinions, asking questions, and encouraging me. It keeps me going! We are on this journey together.


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