Comfort Zone

I am slowly creeping out of my comfort zone. I am always challenging myself but it’s time to step out and do things that make me uncomfortable. I have my last 15 lbs that refuse to go away. It’s so crazy I remember when I had my last 90 lbs to lose. Crazyyy…so what’s 15 lbs? I have to do all of the exercises that I skip because I’m clumsy or simply because I hate them. I also have to stop saying that I’m clumsy and just suck it up. This last 15 lbs will not win and I will come out of this super baddass! I’m always fasting or trying something different so now it’s time to commit to going harder. I am going to do more of a HITT program. I’m already vegan but I think I will make small changes like less carbs and more water. I will also consume less sugar. I am pretty good with sugar but I think if I am stricter with it I’ll see some results. The plan is to stay sane and enjoy the journey. I want to meet my goal but I want to let myself live a little sometimes. I have to be cautious with myself because I don’t want to be unhealthy mentally. Anyhoot! I will lose this last 15 lbs one way or another. Watch me!

Set a goal and go hard! We’re in this together!


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