It’s my Veganniversary!

Can you guys believe that I have been vegan for 1 year?! You were here when I decided to challenge myself and go vegan for a month. Remember that?! The vegan challenge was a month long but I ended up falling in love and I swear I’m never going back. It’s my Veganniversary! *cues music*

I love being’s so me. Like seriously, the only thing I sometimes miss are cheese and shrimp. The other day I was eating trail mix and it was the kind with the chocolate M&Ms. Come on now universe you know your girl loves chocolate! I’m being totally honest here..I almost put the M&M in my mouth. The devil popped up on my left shoulder and told me that no one would be there to witness my slip up. I looked at it like a feen for a little then threw all of the chocolate away one by one. Veganism is one of the things that keeps me in control and helps me with my discipline. If I didn’t have things to keep me in line the crazy me comes out. A small example is how I made myself sick by eating a lot of string cheese a year ago. are you grown eating string cheese over and over again until you get sick..what is wrong with you?

I have a love hate relationship with animals so I’m not vegan because of animals. I love to see them from afar (except ostriches..omg) but hate when they come close enough for contact..but I wish them no harm. I think the documentaries and treatment of animals are horrible and I am happy that my new lifestyle helps the situation. No hate to the meat eaters..even though..nevermind nevermind.

I feel good, look good, and I’m never going back. The only advice I can give to someone considering being vegan is to do what’s right for you. It is important to stay healthy..I don’t want you saying you’re vegan because of me then you neglect your body of nutrients and you’re passed out somewhere. Be realistic about what you are willing to commit to and do you boo!

When you’re eating your first serving of fruits or vegetables today do it in honor of me. We are celebrating my Veganniversary!! *turns music up*


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