It is May! May is Lupus Awareness Month. If you are unfamiliar with lupus check out Purple Reign.  I have to say one of the things that I hate about having lupus is being sensitive to the sun. I miss it so much! Sometimes I get emotional about it but I remind myself that I’m … More Frenemies!


Everyone on my mother’s side of the family has high blood pressure and the majority of them take medicine for it. One of the reasons why I started my weight loss journey was to prevent having high blood pressure because it seemed like it was definitely in my future. I have never been a lover … More Heartbreaker!

Boot Camp Bliss!

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to be yourself. It’s kind of like “Duh” but if you listen to the radio or look on social media you’ll see what I mean. Everyone is trying to sound and look the same in hopes of gaining attention, success, and money. I … More Boot Camp Bliss!

Soy What?

I was Pescatarian (seafood only) for over 5 years and when I did 12 Days A Vegan! Challenge I never looked back. I eat many things to replace protein. I love tofu and black bean burgers and I’m a fan of meat substitutes.  Vegan chicken nuggets and vegan meatballs are delicious but people are debating on if … More Soy What?

50 & Fit!

I know that I probably annoy my parents when I throw away the unhealthy food in their refrigerator. But hey, that’s love! It’s crazy how the tables turn. I worry about my parents and want to protect them. I nag because I care. I’m proud to say that my mom reads labels now and they … More 50 & Fit!