Me Time

I’m at the pull-your-hair-out stage of my life. According to my elders and the autobiographies of my favorite people this stage is perfectly normal. My days are packed with things to do and things to pay for. It’s really time to show what I’m made of but I have to remember that I’m not made … More Me Time

VDay Behavior!

Holidays are created and we eat to celebrate all of them. Why is that? Thanksgiving…let’s eat. Easter…let’s eat. My family even comes together to eat soul food on New Year’s Day. Valentine’s Day is no different. Valentine’s Day is usually a day when people show their love for one another by going out for a … More VDay Behavior!

The Big D!

You may have had it. You may have never had it before. You may be going through it right now. Depression. We don’t talk about depression enough. I have been guilty of dismissing depression off as laziness and wouldn’t dare show up to what I assumed were pity parties. I’m the type to smack you … More The Big D!

ZEN It To Win It!

One of the reasons why I enjoy blogging is because I get to be myself. I like the fact that you all are so open minded and fun. I can always count on your feedback. Your positivity encourages me to continue to be honest and transparent. I have something to admit to you guys. I’m … More ZEN It To Win It!